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I have decided to run for Kerrville City Council Place 1 because there has been too much divisive and unproductive discourse in our city council and county government. There’s more that unites us than divides us. By working together in a positive and respectful manner, the council and city staff will be more effective as they solve the real problems Kerrville families face today.” said Guerriero. “We have to manage our growth and tackle the tough issues. But it will take teamwork to make great things happen.


“Nothing matters more than building and maintaining a foundation of public safety and security for Kerrville. Our well-being, quality of life, and economic growth opportunities rely on strong public safety and security. We should take a comprehensive look at safety measures for our parks and the river trail. Lastly, the council must work together to ensure that the public safety facility is built on time and under budget.”
“We have two cities here in Kerrville; one of the people who are financially secure or retired and another who are just scraping by. Fixing this issue will take years, but we have to start now. We need innovative solutions that lower housing costs while attracting new employers offering higher-paying jobs. The city should develop a two-year plan to start addressing these issues.”
“Kerrville is the capital of the Hill Country. We must work together to preserve our small-town feel while allowing new development within the guidelines of our 2050 Plan. If we don’t make well-measured decisions about how we will grow, someone else will make them for us."
“With the rise in food and housing costs, we are seeing more people who are homeless or living in their cars. Homelessness is never a person’s first choice but rather their last choice. The few shelters we have are full, and we need to work together to address this issue preemptively. As with our homeless population, I see a connection with our community pets. Kerrville Pets Alive provides free pet food for citizens in need.  We started this initiative two years ago when forming KPA, and I see more people and pets in need than ever before.”
“The county recently passed a bond to build a new pet shelter and adoption facility. However, we still need to ensure that the city and county work together to improve “animal services” for a healthy and safe animal population, not just rabies control. “Animal services” should also include collaboration between the city and county to share information regarding animal abuse openly. Animal cruelty is the reddest of red flags for spousal abuse, school shootings, and mass shootings. The city and county must work together to identify potential bad guys before something happens. We don’t want to be the next Uvalde.”
“We need more programs that encourage involvement with our youth as it relates to the city, state, and federal government. We need to have the kids participate in a mock city council meeting. Let’s teach them how to engage with their community, facilitate change, and work together. We can use their input to address issues important to the next generation.”
“The Kerrville 2050 plan serves as a beacon for the future. Maintaining Kerrville’s natural beauty and protecting our gem, the Guadalupe River, is a goal shared by all that had input on the plan. We need to do everything in our power to preserve the river's health and integrity, including protecting the Riparian Buffer, our river’s edge that serves as a natural filter. I am also a supporter of Dark Skies. Like the river, our vast, uninterrupted sky is unique to our area of Texas, and we need to keep it that way.”

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